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Dear Leif!
First of all I'd like to wish most Merry  X-Mas and Happy New Year
to you and yours.
Using the opportunity I have to thank you very much for your wonderful
ideas and softwear items which seem to make EME communication more and
more up to date.
Your EME contest results make me sleepless for some time :} .
I'm a bit late on LINRAD discussion due to the pressure of business.
To be very brief: I'd like to ask you what is the way of solving the
problem with wideband receiver -physically or by softwear?
And the next question - is it possible to use powerful PIN diodes for
TX/RX switch on HF at ,let us say 5 kW ,using the circuit similar to
that on your site?
When we can hear you on the moon?
Thank you in advance for your reply, with all the best wishes in the
New Year.