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Re: Data base.

   Hello Roger, Kohjin and All Others,

   We are open for all suggestions, As a matter of fact I have room 
   available on my server so that I can make and provide pages for 
   working systems if one wants this, There is also qsl.net and others.
   we then can link to those pages.

   My idea was that you present data on your system, applications 
   experiences etc. It is up to you. The target is to provide data to 
   newcomers to give them with directions, how to set up, what to 
   buy or collect and so on.

   Case and point I have been following Leif's pages over the years 
   perhaps not quite with the intensity they deserve and was under the 
   impression that everything better then a 486 would be fine. Just the 
   other day I noticed that the delta 44 really wants at least a 1GHz 
   processor. This means in my case another motherboard plus the rest.
   It are these points that I think we want to address. I am sure there 
   is a lot to be learned from building a working system
   Every piece of information is welcome. It is up to everybody to
   send in the data. Roger and I will mold it in a form that is is 
   useful for most of us.
   I am thinking that it should be at least in the beginning just a 
   description of your system, your views whether this are the right 
   choices, even perhaps explaining why, and so on. at this point we 
   collect just data and make them available.

   Again no big structure just trying to help and direct new people. 
   Also remember this is not a replacement for the reflector or the 
   archives. Here points can be discussed, questions answered etc etc.

   Roger, you have been in this longer then this person and I am sure you
   can do a better job to put a description plus the other inputs together
   in a nice form.

   Your thoughts,

   73 Rein W6/PA0ZN