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RE; Dynamic range, and frequency control

HI, Marko!

> how real is really the need in EME for such huge dinamic range?
> Except if you have a really big local QRM problem,

That is THE PROBLEM that mandates such a dynamic range ;)

At least here it is a very real problem.

Also, I use Linrad not only for EME.  I use it for regular 2 meter work,
with JT44, and for HF work too.  Once you are used to using it,
conventional receivers are not satisfying in their operation anymore.

And you would agree that dynamic range is helpful on 40 meters, I think

Have a great day, and 

Leif's hardware.c note means that those us of using PTS synthesizers for
our LO could now incorporate frequency control of those into Linrad,
instead of running a separate control program.  However we would need to
rewrite the control section to use parallel port with PTS pinouts, or
for GPIB, or use serial to GPIB or serial to parallel converters.  I
have a National Inststruments GPIB board, but it is ISA and for Windows
and DOS, and so I can't use it directly with Linrad.  I currently have
it running on another computer and just switch to that keyboard to QSY
to another 96 KHz segment of the band.


Roger Rehr
W3SZ   FN20ah
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