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RE: [linrad] CS5396...a board or two that use it

I have a Wamirack and let me tell you it is superb! It's a shame OSS doesn't
support it because audio tests seem to indicate that it has a lower noise
floor than the Delta 44. I must be an audio freak!

Conrad G0RUZ

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Hello, All!

I tried to find some products that use the CS5396.
There is a pricey soundcard/input system really meant for semi-pro audio
freaks at:


It costs about $800, list I think.  I didn't look for discounts.

There is something from Germany that looks more like part of a PC-based
Data Acquisition system:

In doing the search I found a couple of interesting cards that I donít
think use the CS chip, but which look interesting.  I don't know how
much advantage these would really have over the Delta44, and am not
recommending them, just passing on the results of some time I spent
browsing to perhaps save someone else some time:

RME Digi96/8
 Superior analog 24 bit/96 kHz input. Dynamic range 109 dBA
  THD+N analog output: -100 dB / 0,001%
  Dynamic analog output: 108 dB (RMS unweighted, unmuted), 112 dBA

CardDeluxe, which I think was mentioned on the list before.  It lists
for $399 now, according to the mfg.

Input SNR (Full Scale)
Output SNR (Full Scale)
Dynamic Range (Input)
Dynamic Range (Output)
Full Scale S/THD+N @xxxx (Input)
Full Scale S/THD+N @xxxx (Output)

There is probably other better, interesting stuff, but this is what I


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