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RE: [linrad] Almost there...

Hi Dan,

At 01:39 02/11/17 -0800, Dan KB5MY wrote:
>My packages:
>  gcc: 3.2  (Don't know where to look for the sub-version)
>  Kernel: 2.4.18-14 (I bought the boxed set new last weekend)
>  Linrad: 00.48
>  OSS: 3.9.7f

You can get the sub-version by 'gcc -v' or 'gcc --version'.

>Here's the latest message I get from OSS when I install:
>"Checking for any previously installed sound drivers...
>*** Sound driver is already running - trying to unload it ***
>You appear to have the kernel level sound driver installed as a loadable
>module. Unload it by executing rmmod sound and try installing OSS/Linux
>If this error repeats again you probably have the sound driver being loaded
>automagically by the kerneld daemon. In this case you should remove all
>files from all subdirectories of /lib/modules in addition to executing
>rmmod sound. After that you probably should reboot the system before
>trying to
>install OSS again. Edit /etc/modules.conf and remove the 'alias sound ...'
>line in case it exist and replace it by 'alias sound off'.
>Also add a line containing 'alias char-major-14 off' to /etc/modules.conf.
>Am I allowed to do these changes automatically for you (Y/N) ?"
>When I execute "rmmod sound", I get
>  "sound: Device or resource busy"
>When I answer "Y" to the automatic changes question, I get:
>  "Trying to disable the conflicting sound driver
>   /etc/modules.conf backed up to /etc/modules.conf.pre-oss
>   Unloading the existing sound driver
>   If your system freezes now, please reboot and disable the current driver
>   manually.
>   audigy: Device or resource busy
>   Failed to unload module 'audigy'
>   sound: Device or resource busy
>   Failed to unload module 'sound'"
>The reference to "sound" is the Delta44 card.

I think I remind some above errors I have ever had but not clear that was
caused by ALSA installation or else.
I have a few experiences that some errors caused during OSS installation.
What I did was uninstall and reboot linux then install (by ./oss-install) it
again. That fixed all of the problems in my case.
(I hate to reboot rare case in Unix. Very often in MessWindowz:-( )

Now, are you sure above long errors were caused by OSS installation?

>Then there's the issue with the strange character in line 818 of
>Linrad's main.c.  That could be something as simple as my choosing
>for my system to be US English-only when I installed it.
>Unfortunately, I've only been working with Linux since I opened
>the box last weekend, so things that seem obvious or simple to
>experienced users aren't going to be as obvious to me for some
>time to come.

I can't give any more help, that's all what I can do.
I hope lir00-49a will fix it for you.

Kohjin - JR1EDE