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RE: [linrad] CS5396...a board or two that use it

Hi All,

Interesting CS5396!

At 19:32 02/11/17 -0500, Roger W3SZ wrote:
>RME Digi96/8
> Superior analog 24 bit/96 kHz input. Dynamic range 109 dBA
>  THD+N analog output: -100 dB / 0,001%
>  Dynamic analog output: 108 dB (RMS unweighted, unmuted), 112 dBA

OSS driver : *BETA*
Price is higher than Card Deluxe.
More performance test here (in Japanese, sorry) :
The second graph is for noise floor, looks similar to Card Deluxe.

>CardDeluxe, which I think was mentioned on the list before.  It lists
>for $399 now, according to the mfg.

OSS driver : not supported yet
Price is fairly good!
More performance test here :
and here (in Japanse, sorry) :

I will wait for a SDR with AD6644/AD6622 !
Who is the first, SM5BSZ or KD7O? :-)))

Kohjin - JR1EDE