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RE: [linrad] Almost there...

Hi Dan,

I forgot to add how to use Mozilla in linux.

At 01:39 02/11/17 -0800, Dan KB5MY wrote:
>...and I still have to download and extract the OSS package via
>the FTP sw on my Win2K machine and transfer via CD-RW, as the
>Linux FTP doesn't want to work through the proxy server (but the
>Mozilla browser and companion e-mail client like the proxy just

Above is time consuming task.

You can use Mozilla browser to get the file from opensound.com.
Just use it same as IE, you don't need 'ftp' which's not that easy.
Even on Win2K, you don't need FTP software.
(Well, FTP is more reliable than web browser)
I mean "not easy" you do need the correct security setup.
Try to use Mozilla and use the option of 'save the file as...'.

By the way, as you mentioned you have a LAN in your house
here is my example how to download;
My 1.7GHz P4 WinXP and 500MHz P3 linux are network connected
with 100GB ether cable.
I use Samba server to access linux disks from WinXP file explorer.
You know just simple copy & paste.
If I want, I use FTP sw FlashFXP on WinXP for huge download of more than
700MB from RedHat home page for example.
(Although even on good FTP, there might be the case the file corrupted)
IE's download capability is not reliable, so I don't use it for huge file
but the small tar file from opensound.com has been just about good.
I hope you won't confused with above explanation.

Good luck,

Kohjin - JR1EDE