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Re: [linrad] Brain-Dead Linux Newbie Help Request


You are right Dan.
The correct file size of the latest version is 2,650,551 bytes
in stead of 2,582,449 bytes I wrote.
The file name is same but it contains more latest file.
This was confirmed by downloading the newer one.

Kohjin - JR1EDE

At 09:32 02/11/13 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Dan,
>>    - Tried to download the OSS
>>      trial version (oss397e-linux-v2x.tar.gz) from www.opensound.com,
>>      and the file seems to download OK within Linux.  However, when I
>>      try to gunzip it, I get an error message saying that the file
>>      isn't in gzip format.
>I just downloaded the file and it is 2,650,551 bytes.  Check this
>on your Red Hat system using "ls -l" or similar.  If the size is wrong,
>the file is corrupted.  If you downloaded with a command line FTP,
>you may need to force binary mode, e.g. type "bin" before the "get".
>If you used HTTP, e.g. with Netscape, try holding down shift when
>you click on the download link.  If the above doesn't help, then
>try FTP if you were using HTTP, or vice versa.
>If the file size is correct, rename the file and try downloading
>again.  If the second file is identical, but still won't gunzip,
>then see if your gunzip program will read other .gz files.
>>    - Next, I went to my Win2K system and FTP'd it from opensound.
>>      Was able to unzip w/ WinZip, but files are too big for a floppy.
>I am very curious if you got linux to work with your StarBand
>hardware directly.  That could be quite useful as a means of access
>to (very) remote ham gear!  If not, then are you using your Win2K
>system as a router?  If so, then just use that network connection
>to move the file.
>>    - Transferred files to a CD-RW (didn't want to waste a CD-R for a
>>      handful of files).  Linux doesn't recognize the existence of the
>>      files on the CD-RW at all (using new Toshiba CD/DVD drive).
>Does your linux read CD-R (or CD-ROM) ok?  If so, try writing the
>CD-RW as if it were a CD-R (it probably won't read 'direct CD' or
>similar formats).  If not, does linux see the drive?  If not, does
>the BIOS see the drive?
>Stewart KK7KA