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Re: [linrad] Brain-Dead Linux Newbie Help Request

Hi Dan,

>    - Tried to download the OSS
>      trial version (oss397e-linux-v2x.tar.gz) from www.opensound.com,
>      and the file seems to download OK within Linux.  However, when I
>      try to gunzip it, I get an error message saying that the file
>      isn't in gzip format.

I just downloaded the file and it is 2,650,551 bytes.  Check this
on your Red Hat system using "ls -l" or similar.  If the size is wrong,
the file is corrupted.  If you downloaded with a command line FTP,
you may need to force binary mode, e.g. type "bin" before the "get".
If you used HTTP, e.g. with Netscape, try holding down shift when
you click on the download link.  If the above doesn't help, then
try FTP if you were using HTTP, or vice versa.

If the file size is correct, rename the file and try downloading
again.  If the second file is identical, but still won't gunzip,
then see if your gunzip program will read other .gz files.

>    - Next, I went to my Win2K system and FTP'd it from opensound.
>      Was able to unzip w/ WinZip, but files are too big for a floppy.

I am very curious if you got linux to work with your StarBand
hardware directly.  That could be quite useful as a means of access
to (very) remote ham gear!  If not, then are you using your Win2K
system as a router?  If so, then just use that network connection
to move the file.

>    - Transferred files to a CD-RW (didn't want to waste a CD-R for a
>      handful of files).  Linux doesn't recognize the existence of the
>      files on the CD-RW at all (using new Toshiba CD/DVD drive).

Does your linux read CD-R (or CD-ROM) ok?  If so, try writing the
CD-RW as if it were a CD-R (it probably won't read 'direct CD' or
similar formats).  If not, does linux see the drive?  If not, does
the BIOS see the drive?


Stewart KK7KA