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Re: [linrad] Brain-Dead Linux Newbie Help Request

Hi Dan,

Only paragraph you've got the problem;

At 23:21 02/11/12 -0800, Dan KB5MY/6 wrote:
>   - This is where I could use some help.  Tried to download the OSS
>     trial version (oss397e-linux-v2x.tar.gz) from www.opensound.com,
>     and the file seems to download OK within Linux.  However, when I
>     try to gunzip it, I get an error message saying that the file
>     isn't in gzip format.

You can gunzip it, looks something wrong.
Although you don't need to gunzip it.
Use the following command in linux.
If below fails, it looks you have something wrong.

cd where_downloaded_file_exists (change directory oss file exists)
mkdir oss (this creates a directory called 'oss')
cd oss     (go to created oss directory)
tar zxvf ../oss397e-linux-v2x.tar.gz (this untar the downloaded gzipped file)

Now, gzipped tar file was unzipped and all tar files are in 'oss' directory.

I have my own downloaded oss397e-linux-v2x.tar.gz here
and the file size says 2582449 bytes.

Good luck,

Kohjin - JR1EDE