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Brain-Dead Linux Newbie Help Request

Hi all,

So, after only two days in the Linux world, I've made it thru some of
Leif's instructions as detailed below.  Since this is being specifically
done for Linrad, I hope you folks don't mind my asking for some help
here on the reflector.

My progress:

1. Install a Linux distribution on your computer....
   - P4, 2GHz, On-board Intel 845 video, Red Hat 8.0 Pro - installed
     all packages that came with the boxed set - even if not needed
     (freebie ISO images I originally downloaded were missing files,
     so I caved-in and bought a box).

2. Install svgalib-1.4.3 or later....
   - Done.  Don't know if it works yet.

3. Install nasm if it is not already included....
   - nasm is already present.

4. install Linrad....
   - Downloaded & expanded, haven't run a make yet.
5. Get sound running....
   - On-board AC97 sound - doesn't work w/ stock driver.  Red Hat
     installer ID'd the sound as "82801DB AC", using the Intel
     "i810_audio" driver.  I do have it enabled in the BIOS.

   - Motherboard is a MSI (Micro-Star International) 845G Max-L.
     Actually, a pretty nice MB.  Uses Intel 845 chipset.

   - This is where I could use some help.  Tried to download the OSS
     trial version (oss397e-linux-v2x.tar.gz) from www.opensound.com,
     and the file seems to download OK within Linux.  However, when I
     try to gunzip it, I get an error message saying that the file
     isn't in gzip format.

   - Next, I went to my Win2K system and FTP'd it from opensound.
     Was able to unzip w/ WinZip, but files are too big for a floppy.

   - Transferred files to a CD-RW (didn't want to waste a CD-R for a
     handful of files).  Linux doesn't recognize the existence of the
     files on the CD-RW at all (using new Toshiba CD/DVD drive).

At this point, I'm stumped - and I haven't even tried to install the
Delta 44 card yet.  I figured it wouldn't do me any good until I had
basic sound working anyway.  Even if I go out and buy a real Sound
Blaster card to replace the on-board sound, I'm still stuck with not
being able to gunzip the OSS driver package.  I would appreciate any
help you all can spare to get this thing going.

TNX and 73,
Dan  KB5MY/6  DM13nc