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[Linrad] Re: MS Windows

Hi Alex,

> Regarding the pop up telling you about the low space in disk, you dont want
> to lose your Windows OS and your Linrad, well is very dangerous to run any
> kind of Windows OS with low disk space in the system partition, first
> becouse the performance is really bad, second becouse you are forcing the
> system to use intensive the paging file and this process to copy data from
> and too the memory soon or later will corrupt your data.
> Best practice is in this case: if you have Linux and Windows XP, on the same
> hardisk and asuming you have 1 GB RAM you need at least the doble of free
> space in your system partition (system partition is were Windows is
> installed) normally I never run Windows XP with less than 5GB free space on
> the system partition, today have extra GB on your hard disk is not any more
> a Money issue, today you can have 1TB hardisk for less than 200 USD, if your
> computer is a notebook you can buy 160GB for less than 120 USD.

Seems I did not explain well enough.

I have 5 partitions.

1) Windows XP 
2) Linux
3) FAT32 small partition accessible from 1 AND 2.
4) swap for Linux
5) Windows restore partition (very dangerous to boot
   into, but may become needed some day)

Partitions 1 and 2 have to be fairly large with some extra space
in them. There is absolutely no need for Windows to inform me
that I actually have partition 3 full (to 91%.) It contains my home
page and a couple of other things that I want to have in common for
Windows and Linux and I surely do not want any operating system
to write system stuff on it. It would best be regarded as a floppy
disc that were always inserted. 
> My recomendation is increase your Hard disk, and dont try to avoid the
> warning message, this warning is serious and if you ignore be prepare with a
> good back up for your data.
But the warning is NOT serious at all. It is just silly. 

I do not need the warning at all, I can manage my disk space myself easily.
Best would of course to keep the warning in place for partition 1
and disable it for partition 3. It that possible somehow?



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