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[Linrad] Re: MS Windows

Hi Leif

Well reagarding your problems with Windows, this remember me the same but
with Linux, as Alberto said most of the time this problems are related with
the lack of know how over the operative system, in my case I'm totally
ignorant in Linux and several times I try to do something I was delayng with
crazy compilations and horror of old fashion command line commands, but this
is another history.

Regarding the pop up telling you about the low space in disk, you dont want
to lose your Windows OS and your Linrad, well is very dangerous to run any
kind of Windows OS with low disk space in the system partition, first
becouse the performance is really bad, second becouse you are forcing the
system to use intensive the paging file and this process to copy data from
and too the memory soon or later will corrupt your data.

Best practice is in this case: if you have Linux and Windows XP, on the same
hardisk and asuming you have 1 GB RAM you need at least the doble of free
space in your system partition (system partition is were Windows is
installed) normally I never run Windows XP with less than 5GB free space on
the system partition, today have extra GB on your hard disk is not any more
a Money issue, today you can have 1TB hardisk for less than 200 USD, if your
computer is a notebook you can buy 160GB for less than 120 USD.

My recomendation is increase your Hard disk, and dont try to avoid the
warning message, this warning is serious and if you ignore be prepare with a
good back up for your data.

Best regards


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