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[Linrad] Re: MS Windows

Hi Alberto,

>    open the Control Panel, there you will find Power Options.
> Open it, and you will find there the power saving options that the
> manufacturer of your laptop did implement on your specific hardware.
The problem is that my manufacturer did not implement anything.
The power options allow me to set various times, after how long
idle time to do this or that, what to do when I shut the lid etc.

The manufacturer did nothing for Linux either, but under Linux
I know how to find out how to solve problems....

When I try to search the internet for how to change the cpu speed
on a Compaq 6510b I find nothing for Windows. There should be
some program for Intel Centrino that I could run to set CPU speed
low - but presumably whatever routine Compaq has implemented 
would have to be removed. It does change the speed a little when
on battery, but I do not need 1.6 GHz (instead of normal 2.0)
I want 800MHz which is the lowest that the hardware accepts
(I think.) At least that is the lowest I have under Linux.

Is there nothing from Microsoft to replace the manufacturer 
stuff for CPU speed control.



> I can well understand the frustration you experience when facing aspects of the operating system
> that you don't know how to control. I have exactly the same feelings.... when dealing with Linux.....  {:-)
> 73  Alberto  I2PHD
> > 

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