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[Linrad] MS Windows

Hi All,

There are several things I dislike with MS Windows. Presumably
most of it it due to my own ignorance.

Recently I found out how to disable all visual effects and after
that the behaviour is distinct and pleasent, just as I want it.
Things no longer fade out or move slowly. What I want happens

Another frustration is the little pop-up windows that take focus
maybe a minute after a boot. When Windows is up and running
and I have started Linrad and just try to do something, Linrad
suddenly does not respond any more. After some time I find that 
the title bar is grey because a silly piop-up window wants to
tell me that there is not much disk space on the small FAT32
partition that I use from both Linux and Windows on the laptop.

Is there anyone who knows how to disable this useless warning?

Another thing. When on battery I would like the laptop to run
at its lowest CPU speed. I can do that under Linux, but I have not
found any way to control CPU speed under Windows.

Maybe I could learn to be a happy Windows user some day......


Leif / SM5BSZ

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