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[Linrad] Re: 2-55 problems

Hi John,

> I am having trouble with the latest three versions of Linrad.
> My inviornment is Intel quad core processor, Intel motherboard,
> unmodified Delta 44 sound card, and MS Vista (32 bit).
> I now get two error messages,
The number after the message tells you how many times it happened.
In case it happened only a couple of times during startup you should
just ignore this error (but please inform me that you have seen it!
as you now did.) The error might have been present all the time, there
was just no message to tell you (and me) about it.

The speed error messages were not shown in earlier versions
unless you had pressed T (for timing information)
These errors are always shown now but due to a mistake the
delay of several seconds before enabling the message was not
working in 02.55 and therefore the inaccurate speed measurements
very early in receiving trigger the error. Please try 02-56
where (hopefully) there is enough waiting time to not make
these errors show up.

> In addition to these error messages, the secon time I run linrad the
> program crashes after about 2 seconds. the only way I have found to
> run Linrad after this is to delete the directory "Linrad" and re-
> expand the zip files.

This is a real error of some kind. The reason should be in one
of the parameter files. Please do as follows.

Run Linrad once to produce all the par files. Save them all to a separate
directory and then delete all par files from the Linrad directory.
Verify that you can start Linrad again.

If this is ok, delete all par files except par_userint.
Most probably it will still be OK.

Then, delete a couple of the par files and try to find out which one
contains the information that causes Linrad to crasch.

Another strategy would be to enable the dump file and recompile. It is
quite easy to compile from source code under Windows. If you can do that
several ways to locate the bug would become available.

I can also send some .exe files that would help to locate the error,
but attaching .exe to E-mails is not permitted these days so I would
send linrad.bin which you can rename to linrad.exe. I am not certain
such a trick would fool the security systems....


Leif / SM5BSZ

> Where should I be looking next?
> John
> > 

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