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[Linrad] Re: WSE / Delta44 / Linad / MAP65 Windows local host setup

Hi Randy,

> One thing I first noticed was that MAP65 and WSJ6 had a different
> az/el for the moon on the same computer.

Older versions of WSJT required your "UTC Offset" to be 
entered on the Setup -> Options screen.  All recent versions 
  of WSJT and MAP65 get this information from the O/S, 
automatically.  If the displayed UTC is correct and your 
grid locator has been entered, you should see Az and El 
coomputer correctly by both programs.

> I have been saving the audio from WSJT6 for each of my moon contacts.
> Will/can
> MAP65 save a smaller audio file for just the decoded signal like
> WSJT6s .wav
> file?  

No, because MAP65 does not use "audio" bandwidth files, only 
the full (96 kHz) bandwidth files.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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