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[Linrad] Re: WSE / Delta44 / Linad / MAP65 Windows local host setup

Thanks Joe for your help.

I tried the combination again using the moon as a source.

One thing I first noticed was that MAP65 and WSJ6 had a different
az/el for the moon on the same computer.

Looking closer I noticed that MAP65 was showing the time as 16:xx
where WSJ6 had 23:xx.

I then set my computer to the GMT time zone and then they agreed.

I guess Linrad assumes time is in UTC on windows or I may have missed
a setup parameter.   I will look for one later.

I have been saving the audio from WSJT6 for each of my moon contacts.
MAP65 save a smaller audio file for just the decoded signal like
WSJT6s .wav
file?  The .ft2 files are a lot bigger!

Once again thanks for the extra effort.

73,  Randy

New files saved at:

MAP65 decoded 5 or 6 stations just after moon rise. I should have my
good pre-amp back from repair next week.

On Oct 27, 10:34 am, Joe Taylor <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> A brief follow-up to my message sent earlier today.  I
> downloaded your file 081026_2330.tf2 and used it to confirm
> the two problems that I suggested you might have:

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