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Linrad sound

Leif, Pierre,
it seems I cannot listen to a wav file and run Linrad together... (Linux)
What happened? What are the circumstances?
I double-clicked on the YL3AG.wav file that was produced from the YL3AG.raw recording.
Linux did not produce any sound...
When subsequently launching Linrad, Linrad-sound could not be made to work; not in alsa-oss, nor in native alsa.
Then I noticed the YL3AG.wav "tab" was still open (at the bottom left of the Linux Ubuntu screen).
Once this "tab" was was closed and  Linrad launched, I had sound again...

So I conclude Linux cannot run two simultaneous sound instances...
Is this normal?
BTW: I added the YL3AG wav and screenshot on the webpage here with some comments...
As said, it was Linrad that made me find YL3AG...: http://users.skynet.be/on7eh/Linrad.htm (bottom of the page)   
73 and thanks for this wonderful product!
Michel, ON7EH