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[Linrad] Linrad-02.53

Hi All,

Download from the bottom of:

The network setup allows a file to set the IP address
for MAP65 users. 

The transfer of calibration data to Linrad slaves is 

Various other little bugs are corrected.

                        --    o    --

When you set unusual or incorrect parameters you are 
testing aspects of the Linrad code that may be very hard 
to test systematically. The response may depend on your
hardware and the value of various other parameters.

Contrary to older versions, Linrad-02.53 behaves correctly
in case you select an output sampling speed of 1000Hz in SSB
mode. Surely an operator error since 500 Hz output bandwidth
is not really what we want in SSB mode, but an error like
that should not generate a crasch due to a floating point 
exception (divide by zero.)

Someone might even want to use SSB mode for WSPR or whatever
with a low output rate to make the data stream fit some
slow experimental matlab code....

In case you make "errors" that cause Linrad to behave
incorrectly, or even hang or crasch, please save all
the parameter files, pack them in a zip or bz2 file and
send them to me together with a problem description:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ


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