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[Linrad] Updated: attempt to run linrad and Map65 on same machine

Progress today...
   - Tested with linrad.exe built on a Linux (Ubuntu) box...appears to 
run on WinXP ok.
   - Downloaded MinGW and nasm for windows to enable compiling Linrad on 
for Windows on Windows machine
      - because it easier to build and then run on WinXP than ftp files 
from linux to WinXP
   - Built linrad.exe with MinGW...appears to work ok
   - Set netsend address to string ""...displays address on 
linrad network setup screen correctly
   - Configure network to broadcast timf2 data (port 50004)
   - Run linrad.exe (02.47) and Map65 (0.9 r1001) on same core two Duo 
laptop (Dell Inspiron E1405)
   - Set reverse FFT to mode 1 of 0...1
   - Map65 reports noise of 19 dB, dropping to -3 dB if antenna 
unplugged looks promising
   - Map65 report "No Rx data" except occasionally report 0.00% dropped
   - Map65 doesn't show anything in the waterfall display

If I set the first backward fft data to 0 (intentionally wrong), it 
displays a noise of 65 dB, but also displays 0.00% dropped!!

As an aside, when feeding that kind of data to Map65, it appears to 
lockup having consumed all of virtual memory.

So, I'm still interested in ideas for how diagnose the Map65 
communications problem


jeff, wa1hco

Alex Artieda wrote:
> Hi Jeff
> If you have 60dB noise on MAP65 means you are sending the data not in 16
> bit, I think in 32 bit and MAP65 need to receive the data in 16 bit format,
> you need to change one parameter, First Backward FFT Version from "0"
> (default) to "1".
> You will see how now the noise level down to some dB's negative or positive,
> I ask Joe how important is to keep in 0 dB and he said is not important.
> Try and publish your results, I'm preparing a guide with two scenarios, both
> programs in same computer and in separate computer.
> Best regards
> Alex
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