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[Linrad] unicast

Joe, Ken and all

I try to run Linrad + MAP65 on the same computer with the network card
disable as Ken did (I run Linrad under Windows XP), well Linrad runs
perfect, MAP65 didn't start.

I need to have the netwotk card enable and both runs ok with the network
card linked to a insolated  network switch. MAP65 didn't star if the network
card is not active and linked with a network device such a Switch, hub etc.

Good practice here to save the external switch was have two network cards on
the same computer linked together with a "null modem cable", works fine.

I dont understand what Ken try to say " noted about 6 months ago that I
could easily run Linrad for windows and MAP65 on the same, rather modest,
computer if I disabled the network card", In my case doesn't work. I'm doing
something wrong?

Computer here is a CORE 2 DUO 3.GHZ with 2 GB RAM, powerfull enought I hope.

Looking forward do to see everybody in Florence

Alex Artieda

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