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[Linrad] Linrad and MAP65

Ken, and all,

Good to hear from you!  You are certainly right that some things become 
simpler when Linrad and MAP65 are run in the same computer.  It helps if 
you do it in a "two-headed" system, i.e., one computer with two 
monitors.  Then there is plenty of screen space for wide waterfalls, etc.

The "network" connection in such a system is trivial, requires no 
hardware, and almost certainly produces less RFI/birdies than a 
two-computer setup.  I'm not sure what the downsides may be, if any. 
I've tried a one-computer setup only to make sure that it would work ... 
but have not exercised it thoroughly with heavy on-the-air use.  My own 
everyday system uses two computers: Linrad runs in a (somewhat elderly) 
machine running Kubuntu Linux, and MAP65 runs in a Core-2 Duo machine 
under Win/XP Pro.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

KE2N wrote:
> I noted about 6 months ago that I could easily run Linrad for 
> windows and MAP65 on the same, rather modest,  computer if 
> I disabled the network card.
> In effect, this made the broadcast into a single-party 
> communication within the same computer. The question I 
> posed was - could somebody make this happen without having 
> to disable the network? Sounds like you did it, 
> functionally-speaking...
> I wonder are there other reasons to use a 2-computer setup 
> if you fix the network-flood issue? Somebody will no doubt 
> ask at Florence ...

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