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[Linrad] Re: Duplex

Hi Alberto,

> It must surely be a Linux issue, not a hardware one, as in Windows that can be done.
> So it all boils down to how the driver was written.

Hmmm, I tried under Windows, (Win2000) but I could not find anything
that allowed me to control the input mixer:-(

There is a tool for AC97 control, but it only has silly
functions: karaoke, echoes and other "sound effects" equalizers
etc. The only function on the microphone side is noise suppression.

I guess my system is not complete - or I just do not know
where to look for the soundcard control program under Windows.

Anyway, I am glad to learn it is a software issue:-)
I can now rephrase: "is there anyone on this
list who knows what mixer program to use to be able
to disconnect the input from the output on the AC97?
(Linux ALSA, Linux 4Front OSS as well as Windows 2000)


  Leif / SM5BSZ


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