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[Linrad] Re: Duplex

Hi Josh,

> Can you send the steps you use to reproduce this?
Open the same soundcard for input and output.
Do not connect any signal to the microphone input.
Click the noise floor and bring up the volume.
The noise will become visible on the spectra.

> If you use a softphone package what happens?  I would think teamspeak, 
> skype, ekiga, etc would not work with what you say is happening.
Maybe. Maybe not. At full volume for the output, the coupled signal
is perhaps 60 dB below full scale on the input.
Isolation may be good enough for a telephone:-)

On the other hand, when trying under Windows 2000 I just found a much
stronger coupling that could not work for a softphone and now since 
Albertos latest mail I know there is a switch somewhere that I should set.
I just do not know how to find it:-(

> I don't know if an echo test from one of those services would be a good 
> test or not.
I found this link:

But no answer...



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