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[Linrad] Re: Elderly computers.

I have a Pentium 2 computer that I do not use much and also a more
modern computer Fujitsu Siemens that I am using daily.
I intend to use Linrad with wsjt software for EME and MS and I
understand that I need 2 computers for this purpose.
It would be intresting to run Linrad on the Pentim 2 and wsjt on the
modern laptop.
The problem is that I am not familiar with Linux and it is very hard
to learn it to make all those settings.
It would be interesting if you could offer a version of Linux with
Linrad preinstalled. It could be a simple version of Linux
suited for amateur purposes only.
I think this way many amateurs will put their old computers at work.
It would be nice if somebody who has time and knowledge issue a live
CD with Linux with ham radio software preinstalled.
It is a pity to throw away Pentium 2 computers which could serve this

73 Corneliu

On Jun 26, 7:42 pm, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All,
> When I started the Linrad development I wrote the code to work
> on 486 computers for processing the output of a conventional
> receiver at SSB bandwidth. Today I would not think this is of
> interest to anyone any more (if it ever was.)
> Many years have elapsed by now and it seems to me that the
> original Pentium is also obsolete by now so I have scrapped my
> 100 MHz P1. The oldest machine is now a Pentium MMX at 200 MHz
> and I write this mail to ask if there is anyone who has an
> interest in using such an old computer any more.
> I would be interested to know what are the oldest type of PC
> computers that radio amateurs would be likely to use today.
> Worldwide, not only industrialized countries.
> Would it be of interest to a significant number of amateurs to
> use Linrad on a computer that is too old to run Windows XP or
> a modern Linux distribution? (Computer not useful for Internet
> any more.)
> Maybe it is time to throw out the Pentium MMX and perhaps also
> the Pentium2 ?
> Comments?
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ

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