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[Linrad] Elderly computers.

Hi All,

When I started the Linrad development I wrote the code to work
on 486 computers for processing the output of a conventional
receiver at SSB bandwidth. Today I would not think this is of 
interest to anyone any more (if it ever was.)

Many years have elapsed by now and it seems to me that the 
original Pentium is also obsolete by now so I have scrapped my
100 MHz P1. The oldest machine is now a Pentium MMX at 200 MHz
and I write this mail to ask if there is anyone who has an
interest in using such an old computer any more.

I would be interested to know what are the oldest type of PC
computers that radio amateurs would be likely to use today.
Worldwide, not only industrialized countries.

Would it be of interest to a significant number of amateurs to
use Linrad on a computer that is too old to run Windows XP or
a modern Linux distribution? (Computer not useful for Internet
any more.)

Maybe it is time to throw out the Pentium MMX and perhaps also
the Pentium2 ?



Leif / SM5BSZ

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