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[Linrad] Re: Elderly computers.

Hi Corneliu,
> I have a Pentium 2 computer that I do not use much and also a more
> modern computer Fujitsu Siemens that I am using daily.
> I intend to use Linrad with wsjt software for EME and MS and I
> understand that I need 2 computers for this purpose.
No. You should be able to run both programs on the same computer.
Screen space could be a limiting factor and although you could
connect more screens to the same computer it will probably be
far more convenient to use two computers.

> It would be intresting to run Linrad on the Pentim 2 and wsjt on the
> modern laptop.
This should be OK - but whether the Pentium 2 is fast enough
depends on your interference situation and on what hardware
you want to use.

> The problem is that I am not familiar with Linux 
You do not have to use Linux. You can run Linrad under Windows if
you prefer to do that. At the present time Linrad works with
Win 98, Win ME, Win 2000, Win XP, but NOT Vista. (I am working on

> and it is very hard to learn it to make all those settings.
Yes. I can understand that. You actually need to get some 
understanding of the principles of operation of Linrad to
be able to use it in full. 

Actually Linrad does not do things very differently from 
any transceiver - you just have the possibillity to change 
filters and some other functions more freely than you are 
used to. Linrad does not prevent you from asking for very 
odd configurations - I do not have much prejudice on what 
purpose you might have with your usage of Linrad and the
program is written accordingly.

Things are not critical however. You will have exactly
the same compromise between dynamic range and system noise
figure as you find in every receiver. If you ask for a filter
with a skirt steepness of 10 Hz you will have to pay the cost
in delay time of about 0.1s as in any filter. Digital or analog.
(But very hard to do in an analog design if the flat bw is 

I suggest you play around for a while with Linrad. Then make
a recording that contains a signal that you find very hard to 
copy and make that recording available to me including the 
parameters you have used. I will look for the best way of 
processing the recording. If there is a significant difference 
in performance I might understand what I need to explain better:-)

> It would be interesting if you could offer a version of Linux with
> Linrad preinstalled. It could be a simple version of Linux
> suited for amateur purposes only.
Computers develop fast. I do not want the burden to maintain
my own Linux distribution to include the drive routines of all 
the new hardware that continously becomes available. It would
also be totally needless.

It is far more easy to install Linux than to install Windows
on an unknown computer. Under Linux your install will be automatic
while Windows will require you to know where to find the drive 
routines. It is OK on a new computer where the seller already 
did the work by use of the CDs that were supplied with the various
pieces of hardware. If you put an Ethernet card, an USB card, a 
soundcard and a videocard that you found on a local flea-market
into your Pentium2 computer and try to install Windows on it
you will know.......... 
With Linux it is usually VERY easy.

> I think this way many amateurs will put their old computers at work.
> It would be nice if somebody who has time and knowledge issue a live
> CD with Linux with ham radio software preinstalled.
If you can find someone who is willing to spend half a day
helping you to get started, you will not need it any more
and you will also understand why it is not quite as good an idea as
it may look initially. 

> It is a pity to throw away Pentium 2 computers which could serve this
> purpose.
Sure. But there is presumably some kind of windows on them already
and you can use it and run Linrad on them as they are:-)
Linux is a bit more efficient though.....



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