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[Linrad] Re: New version: linrad-02.48

Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have rearranged the Linux code for the soundcard setup
> procedures and associated code in lsetad.c to allow the
> transmit and receive side of Linrad to use the same code
> to some extent. The transmit functions are only available
> under Linux, the Microsoft version of Linrad is receive
> only now and for some time to come.
> There are a couple of changes in the Windows specific code
> and several changes in the common code as well so the new
> version is not (yet?) "the latest stable version" at the
> Linrad Home page.
> Find linrad-02-48 here:
> http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/lintx.htm
> (at the bottom of the page)
> Please report bugs and any difficulties you might
> encounter.
> I have only tested 02-48 under Debian Etch with native ALSA
> on my Pentium IV computer using:
> Delta 44, (Rx in, Tx out)
> Intel ICH5 (Rx out)
> Ensoniq AudioPCI ENS1371 (Tx in, microphone)
> Many soundcards do not work well because ALSA can not set
> a suitable DMA block size and therefore the delay between
> microphone input and Tx output becomes too long. I have
> collected several soundcards at various flea-markets but
> most of them have one or another problem associated with it.
> The ICH5 can only do 48 kHz, the ENS1371 can not do duplex
> (there is no way to prevent the output from reaching the
> input and vice versa) I will now start a systematic testing
> of all the different soundcards under some different
> Linux versions with Opensound as well as with ALSA (native
> and alsa-oss) to find out what is important in an SDR
> transceiver in a PC under Linux. While doing this systematic
> testing (will take a lot of time) I would appreciate any
> feedback on success or failure with Linrad-02.48
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
> --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~
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