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[Linrad] Re: New version: linrad-02.48

Hi Pierre,

> When I compile Linrad-02.48 in ubuntu 8.04 with oss I get problems in
> lsetad.c :
> *************************
> lsetad.c: In function âlir_tx_adreadâ:
> lsetad.c:519: warning: unused variable âerrâ
> lsetad.c: In function âthread_rx_adinputâ:
> lsetad.c:558: warning: unused variable âerrâ
> lsetad.c: In function âthread_test_rxadâ:
> etc
> ***************************
> Looks like a number of  #ifdef ALSA_PRESENT statement are not on the
> right line.

Oooh! I did not compile with Opensound in a while since no changes
I did (intentionally) would motivate it. It is an easy fix that
I will do for 02.49. Maybe easiest to add err=0; as the first 
executable statement in each subroutine. Otherwise a separate 
ifdef will be required for each declaration like this:
int err;

In modern compilers it is acceptable to move the declaration
down the code into an already existing ifdef, but old compilers
do not accept it and I like to maintain backwards compatibility.



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