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[Linrad] New version: linrad-02.48

Hi All,

I have rearranged the Linux code for the soundcard setup
procedures and associated code in lsetad.c to allow the
transmit and receive side of Linrad to use the same code
to some extent. The transmit functions are only available
under Linux, the Microsoft version of Linrad is receive 
only now and for some time to come.

There are a couple of changes in the Windows specific code
and several changes in the common code as well so the new
version is not (yet?) "the latest stable version" at the
Linrad Home page.

Find linrad-02-48 here:
(at the bottom of the page)

Please report bugs and any difficulties you might 

I have only tested 02-48 under Debian Etch with native ALSA
on my Pentium IV computer using:
Delta 44, (Rx in, Tx out)
Intel ICH5 (Rx out)
Ensoniq AudioPCI ENS1371 (Tx in, microphone)

Many soundcards do not work well because ALSA can not set
a suitable DMA block size and therefore the delay between
microphone input and Tx output becomes too long. I have 
collected several soundcards at various flea-markets but
most of them have one or another problem associated with it.
The ICH5 can only do 48 kHz, the ENS1371 can not do duplex
(there is no way to prevent the output from reaching the 
input and vice versa) I will now start a systematic testing 
of all the different soundcards under some different 
Linux versions with Opensound as well as with ALSA (native 
and alsa-oss) to find out what is important in an SDR 
transceiver in a PC under Linux. While doing this systematic
testing (will take a lot of time) I would appreciate any
feedback on success or failure with Linrad-02.48


Leif / SM5BSZ

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