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Re: Linrad and Tac32

What happens when you use the Task Manager to set the priority of 
Linrad to, for example, 'Realtime'? [or 'High' or 'Above Normal'?]


Roger Rehr

Quoting VK2KU <vk2ku@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I am running just 3 applications on my main shack computer:
> Linrad v2.43
> and Tac32.
> Computer is a 2.8GHz Celeron, single core with 1.5GB RAM, running XP.
> Tac32 is a TAPR program for reading a GPS receiver and synchronizing
> computer time.
> I have mentioned previously to Leif that Linrad occasionally FREEZES
> in mid operation, for no obvious reason.
> I can now add that if Linrad is already running, it ALWAYS freezes
> when Tac32 is started.
> Tac32 is quite hungry for CPU share until GPS lock is achieved.
> OK, you say, then always start Tac32 before Linrad, and so I do.
> Linrad still freezes but only occasionally after an hour or two.
> This is not really a big deal, but just very irritating.
> I cannot positively link this occasional freezing with Tac32.
> It is difficult to test something that only happens occasionally!
> I have been using the Task Manager to monitor CPU useage,
> Memory useage and Page Faults without learning much.
> WSJT pulls the CPU idle capacity down to zero during decode
> (like Tac32 starting up), but WSJT doesn't make Linrad freeze.
> Thoughts and advice welcome.
> Thanks,
> Guy  VK2KU
> >

Roger Rehr

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