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Linrad and Tac32

I am running just 3 applications on my main shack computer:
Linrad v2.43
and Tac32.
Computer is a 2.8GHz Celeron, single core with 1.5GB RAM, running XP.
Tac32 is a TAPR program for reading a GPS receiver and synchronizing
computer time.

I have mentioned previously to Leif that Linrad occasionally FREEZES
in mid operation, for no obvious reason.
I can now add that if Linrad is already running, it ALWAYS freezes
when Tac32 is started.
Tac32 is quite hungry for CPU share until GPS lock is achieved.

OK, you say, then always start Tac32 before Linrad, and so I do.
Linrad still freezes but only occasionally after an hour or two.
This is not really a big deal, but just very irritating.
I cannot positively link this occasional freezing with Tac32.
It is difficult to test something that only happens occasionally!

I have been using the Task Manager to monitor CPU useage,
Memory useage and Page Faults without learning much.
WSJT pulls the CPU idle capacity down to zero during decode
(like Tac32 starting up), but WSJT doesn't make Linrad freeze.

Thoughts and advice welcome.


Guy  VK2KU
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