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Re: Cleaning up the spectra


I too have ferrites all over the place, especially on LCD monitor
Also like you I have not reboxed the computers.

The most significant improvement to the level of birdies on my Linrad
came from covering the windows above the computers with aluminium
insect mesh - both the sliding window and also the fixed window!
These windows lie directly between the computers and
my antenna array, and I had previously determined that most of the
were entering through the antennas from the shack via this window.
Other windows in the shack do not seem to be so much of a problem.

I am also fortunate that the shack is a room within a steel shed,
which acts like a Faraday cage! A room within a normal brick or timber
house would of course be harder to shield.

Obviously you have to turn off Linrad spur removal to make the tests.

Guy  VK2KU
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