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Re: Cleaning up the spectra

Good evening Leif,

thanks for your detailed spur analysis and explanation! I'm convinced
the radio environment, here will only grow worse so I'll need Linrad
to keep me on track for future radio experiments!
I'll soon make available a recording of my vhf environment for your

About your advise for a S/N-improvement, I've effectively lowered the
FFT2 att N value. It was at a value of 10 for a FFT2 ampl margin of
I've tried different values till the lowest possible value. The
resulting screenshots were always added: see here (bottom):

As indicated, I'm uncertain what final value to select.
As from FFT2 att N= 5, it seems very good to me. ( a big contrast with
the original value)
What would be the extra benefit to have the FFT2 att N value for a
suggested range fft2 range of 10-15? (lower FFT2 amplitudes)

As a weak-signal operator, I very much appreciate hearing about S/N-
improvements to the already impressive Linrad tool/ WSE-setup!


Michel, ON7EH
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