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Re: linrad-02.41 and 02-42

Looks like I got it working ok now. I finally got to the correct setup 
screen. Thanks again for your help.


VK2KU wrote:
> Dave,
> It is likely that you have inadvertently changed 1st FFT Bandwidth.
> In 2.35, this parameter was set to the first allowed value BELOW your
> choice,
> in 2.41 it is set to the nearest allowed value above or below.
> The waterfall speed is also controlled by the number of waterfall
> averages
> (box bottom left of the main waterfall).
> 73  Guy
> On Jan 25, 7:29 am, Dave Sublette <k...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I got 2.41 running ok now. The waterfall runs much more slowly than it
>> did on 2.35. I would like it to run faster, but I don't know what
>> parameter controls that aspect of the program.
> > 

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