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Re: linrad-02.41 and 02-42

Hello Leif,
I used Linrad-02.41 this past weekend in the US contest. It is a Windows XpPro computer with WSE hardware. Linrad preformed flawlessly.
Thank you, Stan, KA1ZE

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Sent: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 4:47 pm
Subject: linrad-02.41 and 02-42

Hi All,

There has been very little feedback on Linrad-02.41 and
I could guess it is because it is not so bug-rich, but on the
other hand, there are only 59 subscribers to this list 
so the number of active users must be very small.

I have made a couple of small improvements and I am ready to
upload Linrad-02.42 before I leave home for two weeks 
in the sun (Oman, on Saturday.)

The main changes are:

1) The error message for missing inpout32.dll with SDR-IQ
or SDR-14 under Windows is now correctly displayed.

2) The point where the 10 dB attenuator is switched in with 
SDR-IQ is now a user parameter.

3) The mirror image balancing does not "forget" its data
when extra key-presses are made. 

I discovered the problem (3) while writing a new page on
mirror image calibration:
(Before, generating .gif files did not work on these screens.)

As you can see by following this link, the Linrad calibration
routine allows 100 dB image rejection (or more) already with 
a relatively noisy generator like the HP8657A. The stability
of the WSE units does not allow a determination of where the 
limit is.

Before uploading 02-42 I would like to know if there are any
other issues with 02-41.

As you perhaps know, the latest "stable" version is
Linrad-02.35 although several more recent versons have
been available for quite some time.

Please send a short note if you tried 02-41 without problems,
if I get several YES I will replace 02-35 with 02-42.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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