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Re: linrad-02.41 and 02-42


I cannot find any reference to  wlr2-41.zip  on your website. can you 
send me a link? thanks


Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hi Dave,
>> Do you have to remove the previous version of Linrad before installing 
>> the new one? I hate to be asking so many questions, but I am so pleased 
>> with the Linrad I am using, I want to make sure I don't mess something 
>> up with a new installation.
> No.
> All of Linrad resides in a single directory and the reason is 
> that this way one can easily make bakups.
> I have recommended that you have a directory C:\linrad which
> you log into and run Linrad from.
> I suggest you make another directory C:\linrad-02.35 into
> which you copy everything you have in C:\linrad. (assuming you
> now use 02-35)
> Then unzip wlr2-41 into C:\linrad which will overwrite
> linrad.exe, help.lir and errors.lir. When you start
> linrad again from C:\linrad you may have to enter 
> new parameters because I may have added or changed 
> something in the parameter definitions. (This 
> time you will have to. Starting 02.36 there are 
> transmit parameters in par_userint.) 
> The other parameter files are unchanged this time, but
> now and then something is changed and then you will find
> Linrad using defaults for the associated window.
> Should anything go wrong, you can log into C:\linrad-02.35
> and start Linrad from there. Then everything will be
> identical with what you have now. Generally it is a good
> idea to copy *.* from the current Linrad directory to
> somewhere when you are happy with your window placements 
> etc. You can have several directories with different
> settings (e.g. for different hardwares) that you
> can jump between quickly - and even use simultaneously.
> As soon as you have 02.41 running well, make a
> C:\linrad-02.41 and copy everything into it.
> Compared to what is normal in Windows, all of Linrad is very
> small and you can have nearly an infinite number of copies 
> if you wish. With different parameters and different Linrad 
> versions. Occasionally I make a mistake and then you might
> want to go back to an older version;-)
> Linrad data files is another thing. They have fixed 
> locations. The default is C:\linrad_data for .gif, 
> .wav and .raw files written by Linrad. The EME data
> base is always in C:\emedir.
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
> > 

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