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Re: linrad-02.41 and 02-42

Hi Dave,

> Do you have to remove the previous version of Linrad before installing 
> the new one? I hate to be asking so many questions, but I am so pleased 
> with the Linrad I am using, I want to make sure I don't mess something 
> up with a new installation.

All of Linrad resides in a single directory and the reason is 
that this way one can easily make bakups.

I have recommended that you have a directory C:\linrad which
you log into and run Linrad from.

I suggest you make another directory C:\linrad-02.35 into
which you copy everything you have in C:\linrad. (assuming you
now use 02-35)

Then unzip wlr2-41 into C:\linrad which will overwrite
linrad.exe, help.lir and errors.lir. When you start
linrad again from C:\linrad you may have to enter 
new parameters because I may have added or changed 
something in the parameter definitions. (This 
time you will have to. Starting 02.36 there are 
transmit parameters in par_userint.) 

The other parameter files are unchanged this time, but
now and then something is changed and then you will find
Linrad using defaults for the associated window.

Should anything go wrong, you can log into C:\linrad-02.35
and start Linrad from there. Then everything will be
identical with what you have now. Generally it is a good
idea to copy *.* from the current Linrad directory to
somewhere when you are happy with your window placements 
etc. You can have several directories with different
settings (e.g. for different hardwares) that you
can jump between quickly - and even use simultaneously.

As soon as you have 02.41 running well, make a
C:\linrad-02.41 and copy everything into it.

Compared to what is normal in Windows, all of Linrad is very
small and you can have nearly an infinite number of copies 
if you wish. With different parameters and different Linrad 
versions. Occasionally I make a mistake and then you might
want to go back to an older version;-)

Linrad data files is another thing. They have fixed 
locations. The default is C:\linrad_data for .gif, 
.wav and .raw files written by Linrad. The EME data
base is always in C:\emedir.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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