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Re: linrad-02.41 and 02-42

Hi Dave,

> I cannot find any reference to  wlr2-41.zip  on your website. can you 
> send me a link? thanks
Development versions are at the bottom of this page:
when the changes are relevant to the receiver functions.
wlr2-41.zip is the last link now, but I will soon
add the links for 02-42.

When changes are on  the transmit side, new versions are
only here:

I do not expect much interest in transmit functions 
at this time, it is still rather early in development, 
but I upload the documentation I make to remember myself.
plus the entire linrad package at the tx page when
there is no reason for rx-only users to upgrade or
make any testing.

Normally the latest version at the rx development page
is also latest version on linrad home page:
(From where there are links to the development pages.)

In case you want to search for something, the first
link at sm5bsz.com (or www.sm5bsz.com) contains
links to all files on the entire site.
The following links are to the mirror sites which all 
are identical.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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