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Re: Softrock EMU Linrad

> Firstly, since it is a driver bug, what does the manufacturer say?
> Will it be soon corrected?

I have sent an Email to EMU technical support for some information on
this issue (stay tuned, but don't hold your breath)

I am not sure it is a bug though. One of the options in the Steinberg
ASIO standard is an "interleaved" buffer structure  -
I can imagine an arrangement where, for 192 ksps rate, you might
transfer 4 samples of the left channel followed by 4 samples of the
right channel (etc). In that case the 4 sample delay is just inherent
in the scheme...the user software has to take care of lining up the
samples again.

> Secondly, how are the Linux drivers? ALSA and OSS. If at least one
> of them is OK, then there is no need to include this fix in the Linux
> version of the Linrad hardware interface.

Good question. The BSD web site has some drivers for EMU but I am not
competent to get them working with the BSD flavor of Linux that I had
running briefly.  There are actually two drivers, one is referred to
as FPGA which I assume is for the controller part of the board (which
must be downloaded each time you boot up) and another one for LInux to
actually talk to the board- this is the ALSA part. The 4 sample delay
could appear in the Linux driver as well, if it was written to "mimic"
the pre-existing WIndows version.

> First of all, how does the present calibration routine of Linrad
> work with your EMU-1212 card? Presumably it works for some
> range at the center of the passband where one sample is not
> a big phase shift. If it does not work well I would need to know
> how it works under Linux. There are only 49 members on this list,
> so chances are not so good, but maybe there is someone who knows.

I don't have my Softrock yet, but will report back, if no one else
beats me to it.

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