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Re: Softrock EMU Linrad

Hello Ken,

> Well - a little more research shows that Alberto knows about this
> delay, maybe you can communicate with him and put the same into a new
> release of Linrad when you get around to it?
> Here is what I just found over on weaksignals.com regarding Winrad 1.3
> (build 13)
>  - "One to four samples delay insertable on the left or on the right
> channel, to accomodate for the EMU-1212M "
Yes, there has been some discussions about this. I am reluctant
to make code to allow this because there are so many different
input formats. A delay in more than one sample seems ridiculous to me.
Such a thing could only be caused by bugs in the drive routines.

An error of a single sample is also a bug, but not as ridiculous.
It simply means that one sample is lost and the proper correction
would then be to read a single sample before reading blocks of
N*2 samples for two channels. This would be easy to implement, but
I would need some more information.

Firstly, since it is a driver bug, what does the manufacturer say?
Will it be soon corrected? 

Secondly, how are the Linux drivers? ALSA and OSS. If at least one 
of them is OK, then there is no need to include this fix in the Linux
version of the Linrad hardware interface.

First of all, how does the present calibration routine of Linrad
work with your EMU-1212 card? Presumably it works for some
range at the center of the passband where one sample is not
a big phase shift. If it does not work well I would need to know
how it works under Linux. There are only 49 members on this list,
so chances are not so good, but maybe there is someone who knows.



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