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Softrock EMU Linrad

I am a beginner in this SDR stuff and looking forward to getting my
feet wet with the 10m softrock  and Linrad.

I have an EMU 1212 card that seems to work fine with Linrad for
Windows in the single channel 192 ksps mode (I say 'seems to' since I
have only connected it to 3 kHz audio).

However, I understand that a direct-conversion receiver like Softrock
requires software to use the I and Q signals to cancel the unwanted
image frequency. Linrad has an option for this.

I read in another SDR forum that the EMU card has 2 or 4 clock cycles
of delay between the I and Q samples.

I have found that Linrad has an IQ calibration routine that handles
phase/time delays in some way.

Does this take card of a card like the EMU?

Looking at the calibration screen on Linrad I see that I am instructed
to connect a frequency generator - but there is no information about
what signal is required. More info please?


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