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[Linrad] Re: Linrad xpol setup

Hi Joe,

> OK, now I see why I couldn't find the necessary menu or parameter file. 
>   I was trying to do this with Linrad-02.34, and I guess these things 
> have been added since then. 
No. These things have not been changed since the pol graph was
introduced many years ago. 
The only reason I know of that would make the pol. selection
disappear would be if you selected just a single RF channel
when running the 'U' option from the main menu.

> Obviously, another reason why I should 
> upgrade to 02.58!  (My reason for not having done so already?  With 
> plenty of other things to devote attention to, I hate to "fix" something 
> that isn't broken.)
Surely installing new versions might cause some trouble - but in case
it does it means your telling it to me will help making Linrad
more stable.....



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