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[Linrad] Re: Linrad xpol setup

Hi Leif,

OK, now I see why I couldn't find the necessary menu or parameter file. 
  I was trying to do this with Linrad-02.34, and I guess these things 
have been added since then.  Obviously, another reason why I should 
upgrade to 02.58!  (My reason for not having done so already?  With 
plenty of other things to devote attention to, I hate to "fix" something 
that isn't broken.)

Many thanks ...

	-- Joe, K1JT

Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hi Joe,
>> I seem to remember that there is a setup parameter somewhere in Linrad 
>> that effectively reverses the sign of one of the polarization channels 
>> in an xpol setup.  However, I can't seem to find it.
> Press X on the normal receive screen.
> Then D for pol. defaults.
>> Can I just edit a 
>> parameter file?  Which one?  
> You may also edit the file par_xx_pg and change the sign of c1.
> 73
> Leif

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