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[Linrad] Re: LINRAD+WSE

Hi Alex,

> is it possible to increase the speed of change frequence with keys -
> right-left of keyboard(mode M)?

The F1 help on the main menu gives (maybe too cryptic) info.

Also the F1 help on the control box where you change the arrow mode
T,P,B willtell you the same.

Use '+' or '-' to change the step size.

> How use Linrad with CW SKIMMER in wide band?
I do not have CW skimmer so I do not know what it requires.

Presumably CW skimmer can run from a soundcard.
As a first test you might try two computers and use a cable
between them. You could set Linrad to generate a wide
bandwidth with a high sampling rate on the output soundcard.

When you found something that works I assume it should be possible
to use Virtual Audio Cable VAC to send audio directly from Linrad
to CW SKIMMER within a single computer.
In order to be able to listen simultaneously you could run
a second instance of Linrad as a network slave.

>  Next: recently I have set up Linrad with WSE,DELTA44(modern computer)
> for Serge. When we used version lir03-08,we got big noise and RX A/D
> SPEED ERROR on screen, also the difference of frequence 25 kHz between
> input signal and Linrad screen and output signal. Sampling rate was 96
> kHz,  24 bit. We tried 48 kHz, then the frequencies became equals, but
> ERROR stay. We have set up the version lir03-06 and got good output
> signal without extra noise and ERROR disappeared,but the difference
> stay when run at 96 kHz.

I am afraid there is a bug in Windows (all versions) that makes PCI
cards useless at high speed in computers where there are also
PCI Express slots.

Another problem is Vista and Windows 7. To make them work properly
it will be necessary to use ASIO or some other interface that avoids
the audiodg.exe problem of Vista and 7.

Pierre, ON5GN, has written some code that will be incorporated
in Linrad-03-09. The new code will make Linrad work with Portaudio
and it will allow ASIO an all the other drivers that might be
installed on the system. It may be Linux and output only in 03-09 
but with time both input and output under Windows as well as Linux
will allow the use of portaudio. I do not expect that to solve
the Windows bug on modern computers with PCI plus PCI express.
That would have to be done by Windows Update.

The error you report for 03-08 is new to me.
Please make a screen dump so I can see what the 
screen looks like. Before that, press 'T' so timing information
will be visible on the screen. Also run task manager so I can see
cpu and memory usage. In case the task manager hides part of the
linrad screen, make a second dump without it.
Then pack all your parameter files in a zip archive and send 
the files to me off list. I will try to reproduce the error. 


Leif / SM5BSZ

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