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First of all I want to thank Leif SM5BSZ and Joe K1JT for nice system
Linrad+Map65.During ARRL EME with Serge RX1AS we have worked using
MAP65 and liked it very much.Also I listen HF bands and can say it is
very good receiver with big dynamic range. I'm going to use WSE in
CQWW CW and there are questions:
is it possible to increase the speed of change frequence with keys -
right-left of keyboard(mode M)?
How use Linrad with CW SKIMMER in wide band?
 Next: recently I have set up Linrad with WSE,DELTA44(modern computer)
for Serge. When we used version lir03-08,we got big noise and RX A/D
SPEED ERROR on screen, also the difference of frequence 25 kHz between
input signal and Linrad screen and output signal. Sampling rate was 96
kHz,  24 bit. We tried 48 kHz, then the frequencies became equals, but
ERROR stay. We have set up the version lir03-06 and got good output
signal without extra noise and ERROR disappeared,but the difference
stay when run at 96 kHz.

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