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[Linrad] Re: LINRAD+WSE

Hi Leif,
thank you for the quick reply.
> Use '+' or '-' to change the step size.
> As a first test you might try two computers and use a cable
> between them. You could set Linrad to generate a wide
> bandwidth with a high sampling rate on the output soundcard.
I don't understand that,as don't know how to set Linrad to generate
wide banwidth.In this case it possible to use the output second
soundcard in first computer with Linrad.
> Please make a screen dump so I can see what the
> screen looks like. Before that, press 'T' so timing information
> will be visible on the screen. Also run task manager so I can see
> cpu and memory usage. In case the task manager hides part of the
> linrad screen, make a second dump without it.
I can do it ,when I meet Serge.

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