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[Linrad] MAP65IQ and Linrad problem found / Need help on I/Q reversal

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I found my problem where the first decode would freeze up but the waterfall would continue on MAP65.
The problem was being created when either the Band Map window or the Message Window is closed
out. Map65 does not like it when any of the windows are closed out. They must remain running or minimized.
Now the next problem I want to tackle is I have a Icom R7100 wideband all mode receiver where the 10.7 MHz IF
creates a inverted output. This mean I need a way for Linrad to invert the I and Q outputs either on Linrad
or on Map65 otherwise the WSJT signals will never decode. Winrad does have this feature but of course
will not work with Map65.
If there isn't already a I Q reversal feature in either of these programs, can one be added ?
K7XQ Jeff
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