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[Linrad] Re: Choppy audio Logmein GUILTY

Hi Stan,

> It looks like all of my choppy audio issues are connected 
> with the remote desktop program Logmein. 
This seems to be a program that runs a Web server which would
make Linrad available to another computer that runs Internet Explorer
or some other browser. This must be extremely inefficient
(if I understood right)....

> I can monitor the audio remotely without the control of my 
> remote desktop. (I can not see the Linrad screen, hihi). 
> The audio does not chop until I start the remote desktop program.. 
> Linrad is fine and not at fault. I hope you did not waste time 
> trying to figure all of this out.

Quite some time ago someone reported he could run Linrad on a
different machine under X11 in Linux by logging into it with 
remote terminal. Now, that would not work with Perseus because
there is no drive routine for the Perseus hardware under Linux.

I think one can use a remote terminal also under Windows. One
can allow others to log into the computer via Internet and they
can then help with the computer configuration. I do not know if
it would be possible to run any application and whether sound
would be transmitted.

Did you try to give maximum priority (3=realtime) to Linrad?
That should allow Linrad to run at 100% CPU load while logmein
would have to use only what Linrad does not need. For that
to work you might have to set a low "Max DMA rate" to force
large buffers. You would then also have to set a large "Output
delay margin" so there is a large amount of data that may be
under processing and that would be transferred to the big
output buffer every time Linrad has grabbed the CPU.

SM0ERR has reported sucessful remote operation by sending the
wideband signal over the Internet. With the Perseus you would
have to transfer at least 96kHz*2*16bit = 3 Mbit/s and that
might be possible. I do not know in what way Mart controlled
the computer in which the transmitting Linrad program was running.

There seems to be many different solutions:


Leif / SM5BSZ

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